Interns & Guests

Sumlar Therapy is invested in supporting the education of future pediatric PTs, OTs, and Speech Theropists. Internships By partnering with universities around the country, Sumlar Therapy provides a challenging and unique setting for pediatric internships for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists.  We also offer internship opportunities for Physical Therapist Assistants and Occupational Therapist Assistants, as well as general undergraduate internships in the medical office setting.  If you are enrolled in an accredited therapy program and would like to participate in an internship at Sumlar Therapy, contact your program’s academic clinical coordinator for more information.  Guest Observation Opportunities:  Are you considering a career in the field of pediatric PT, OT, or Speech?  If you would like to observe, please call the office at (334)445-6336 or to reserve your time.  Many observers stay between 2-4 hours, and some repeat the experience a few times as they consider the field.  Many therapy programs require applicants to volunteer or observe therapists at work, so you may want to document your hours at Sumlar Therapy.

The policies for Guest Observers are as follows:

Click here to download the Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Confidentiality is very important to all of our patients and families. Identifying information such as names and diagnoses are not to be used outside of the facility. You must sign a confidentiality form and turn it in at the clinic on your first day. 
  • Sumlar Therapy will accept one observer at a time for PT, OT, or Speech.
  • Observers must wear a Guest badge which is available at the front desk upon arrival. 
  • Observers may not be able to observe some therapy sessions due to comfort levels of patients and families. Please check with the treating therapist before observing a session.
  • Dress Code: Long shorts, pants, or jeans; short-sleeve shirts or longer sleeves; no visible skin at waistline—shirts must cover waistbands; tennis shoes; modest jewelry; no perfume or cologne; professional appearance.
  • Please do not disrupt therapy sessions.
  • Observers are responsible for keeping an updated log of their own hours, if needed.