Your school system may have a contract for PT, OT, and/or Speech services with Sumlar Therapy.  Please contact your Special Education Director or supervisor to confirm your school’s referral process for PT (Physical Therapy), OT (Occupational Therapy), and/or Speech Therapy.   

 Click here to download the form. 

To initiate a referral to Sumlar Therapy, both the school representative and the student’s parent must complete and sign the one-page referral form provided.  Please ensure that ALL information requested is provided and LEGIBLE.  Please include any special instructions, as well as the existing IEP and medical history if available.  Once completed, the school representative may EMAIL the form to or FAX to (334)445-6363.  We are no longer sending a notice of receipt, so please self-confirm that your fax or email was successful.  If you have a question about the status of your referral, please email
Once the referral is received in our office our goal is to evaluate your student within three weeks.  We will EMAIL the completed therapy evaluation and recommendations to the school representative’s email as listed on the original referral.  You may then consider adding the therapy service to the IEP.  If therapy is added, please provide a copy of the new IEP to the therapist so that she or he can begin therapy as indicated.